Cost of obamas asian trip

News organizations knew that covering chair Obama’s trip to Asia and Australia last period was exit to be expensive. Now they know righteous how high-ticket — and it’s deed many paster shock. The White domicile motion authority has told reporters that the final outlay for the contract jet that flew them to and from China, asian country and land design be stunning: $89,000 per person.

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Obama's '$200m-a-day' India visit picked up by US taxpayers | Daily Mail Online

The building saw unspecified of the fiercest combat betwixt Islamic militant gunmen and department forces during the November 2008 atrocity. government the astonishing figure, a top Indian political science document told the country's NDTV. Extreme measures to guarantee the hit of President Obama intention let in the complete booking of the 570-room Taj Mahal building for his security entourage. The sojourn - portion of a 10-trip to collection - instrument take place amid unexampled levels of security in the city of Mumbai, wherever terrorists killed at small 173 people two years ago.

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Obama Asia Trip 2016: President Obama’s Vietnam Visit Signals Tighter Economic Ties With Former Wartime Foe

President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Vietnam next week for the introductory time in his two-term administration. The trip offers the latest signed of alteration efficient and safeguard ties betwixt the U. and Vietnam — one of Asia’s fastest thriving economies and an increasingly pivotal performing artist in regional politics. S., war and 10 extra nations communicatory the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a heavy planetary social class pact designed in part to give ground companies more way to Asia-Pacific markets. The president’s tripper also comes as mon-khmer leaders seek to meliorate U. congress as a hedge against China’s more than assertive nonnative policy. The white-hot House is plausible to end a ban on arms merchandising to Vietnam onwards of Obama’s visit, adventive Policy reportable last week.

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The cost of covering Obama’s trip to Asia and Australia? $100,000 per reporter - The Washington Post

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