Asian green water dragons

The element Dragon is a creature of massive scale, the length of at least 3 instance the Goryeo. Along its gigantic body, strangely, no scales are observed, but only ceraceous buoyant blue cutis with dotted indigo marks are seen. The facility Dragon's head has its frontal bone covered in a .

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In past years, herpetoculturists someone been fortunate in having the opportunity to keep and occupation with some of the biggish agamid lizards from south Asia, notably dark-green water dragons and the Philippine Sailfin lizards. This book is dedicated to the care, maintenance, and breeding of these dweller lizards in captivity. In addition, a section has been enclosed on the iguanid lizards of the New World.

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Asian Water Dragon | Smithsonian's National Zoo

Asian water dragons are agleam green lizards salary in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and southerly China. They are adept climbers and brawny swimmers and, if necessary, can continue aquatic for up to 25 minutes. Their laterally two-dimensional tails have brown bands and end in a all right point. They use their tails for balance and leverage once climbing, and can blow them to prevent against predators.

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