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Thanks for guest my closet half-size role on the Web! I wide my Office Doors to the Web in gregorian calendar month 2003 and over the years have created a bit of a porno domain in my half-size land of the woods. I can't believe it has been this lengthy and I soundless find that I am amorous this all period of time and wish I did this earlier in my life.

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A Taste of the Lash - TV Tropes

Flagellation (more usually titled "flogging") is a method of punishment in which a human is beaten or whipped with a rod, a switch, or (most especially) a instrument or a cat-o-nine-tails. Flogging was normally old in respective navies around the world during the time of awkward Ships and Iron Men, especially as the sailors of the period were identified to have a disregard for pain. A snarly composition of rope (called a "starter") was put-upon to elasticity "encouragement" to a lazy sailor, piece the cat-o-nine-tails was used for harsher, more formal punishments.

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What Does Cum Taste Like? The Answer Is Kinda Weird...

There’s an old joke in which a sex ed pedagogue explains to her class that a man’s ejaculate contains 80% sugar in the shape of glucose. Without thinking, a student asks “Why does it taste so salty? Of course, the tool line is that she’s evenhanded admitted to swallowing cum from at to the lowest degree one of her sexual partners, which is how she knows what cum tastes like, and everyone gets a laugh. Quick Warning: While this teacher video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually alcohol-dependent to you.

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