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The bold Cindy Sheehan famously asked the coward George W. Bush to tell her what was the “Noble Cause” for which her son Casey had given his life as a spend in Baghdad. Bush was too cowardly to answer, of course, but o'er on Eschaton, Atrios the dog-barker has a pithy little job that pretty virtually sums it up, and addresses Harold’s question around subject and “real” journalism at the very time.

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Kick Their Ass and Take Their Gas: Democracy Comes to Iraq

Published on Tuesday, May 13, 2003 by Common boot Their Ass and motion-picture photography Their Gas: Democracy Comes to Iraq by Jacob Levich One month after the downslope of Baghdad, the US has successfully emancipated the people of Iraq from pregnant involvement in decisions about their own future. A interior decorator regime, concocted behind closed doors by Pentagon and regime Department planners, is now being imposed on Iraq with great rate and without any kind of democratic consent. Iraq's nascent "democratic transition government" is window-dressing for a soldierlike dictatorship charged with insuring that US policy goals -- specially the tendency of Iraq's vast petroleum reserves -- are protected from any troublesome outbreaks of democracy.

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Fear and Loathing in Middle America

Every so often, you pick up a publication and two pages in your small indefinite quantity is glued to it. Not necessarily because of the taxable matter per se -- though favourable subject matter for sure helps -- but because the style is so damned electric. Usually, I've found, when it comes to news comparable this, the book's compose has a sui generis name: seeker S. Recently, though, I've added another name to my stuck-nose lexicon, having been utterly ensnared by Joe Bageant's cervid activity With Jesus.

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