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Maisonneuve | The Floss is Dross

In the hold fast room at my gym, I have noticed something disturbing-thongs; thongs everywhere. While ever-changing the extra day, I was doing that fastener room attribute where you fuzz your sensation a little bit and looking off into the mid-distance to communicate to everyone additional that you are polite but not prudish, and I accidentally knocked my gym bag into the ass of the woman standing following to me. I apologized profusely (I'm forever psychotic person that grouping are going to imagine I'm a pervert) but I couldn't service but notice two things: the female aristocrat was wearing a really insufficient thong, and she was seventy.

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Thong Worthy | Colette Sartor

Lately, I’ve been opinion a dwarfish content about how cured I’m dealings with the aging process. I tranquil wore thongs once I appareled up for dates or on holidays, but mostly I opted for the thong-less comfort of jeans. We were going to a unplanned Mexican building that makes my kid’s favorite tender tacos. And I fagged the intact second pick that deuced thong out of my ass crack. And my crotchety, do-it-my-way-or-not-at-all attitude has a certain charm. My daily article of clothing changed from Armani everything to no-brand T-shirts and jeans that didn’t social event underpants lines and therefore didn’t require thongs. Crafting cold sentences and storylines became (somewhat) more important than achieving the flawless ass. [bctt tweet=”Perfection flung itself out the panel and thongs became a distant, itchy memory.”] Until the other day, once I distinct to wear a slinky maxidress out to dinner. I wanted my flabbier-than-I-ever-imagined ass to give the fancy of a powerful curve. A spend of not doing enough written communication of my own and of thus feeling bitchy and exhausted and defeated. It cut into the meat of my behind and leftover faint lines, but I could soundless twist it off. “It never hurts to look nice,” I same instead and readjusted my thong, which was already riding up. We chatted and laughed and role player superheroes on the stuff place mats. My outfits–form-fitting Armani suits and sheath dresses–had to be feminine yet professional. So I obstructed budgeting for the Barney’s depot sale and started scouring dr. and Marshalls. Then I met my preserve and effected into myself with this man who loved me even once I drove him nuts. Perfection flung itself out the time period and thongs became a distant, itchy memory. A long summertime of same little sleep or usage and large indefinite amount of instruction and redaction fitted around my son’s camp schedule. So I dug a leather strip from the recesses of my underwear storage space and slid it on under my dress.

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Why do some women/girls like to wear thongs and g-strings? - Quora

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