Mike ditkas kick ass red wine

Like to the highest degree ball coaches, Mike Ditka forever seemed like a brewage guy, peradventure with a spirits chaser. So imagine our alteration upon learning that the gruff, beefy Chicago Bears icon has a line of wines. locomote from a $14 vitis vinifera grigio to a $50 neologism called "Kick Ass Red," the wines evenhanded hit the Twin Cities market, as have some electro-acoustic transducer Ditka cigars bearing a semi-reasonable facsimile of a Super sports stadium ring. If they're echt to the name, the wines will have an earthy perfume and flock of acidity.

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Ditka's wine performs well in test - UPI.com

A period in front his former team is to compete in football's top game, ex-Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka saw his brand of treat act well in its own competition. The chicago Sun-Times said that finished a taste-test it set up with digit of its top columnists, microphone Ditka's Kick Ass Red wine skint regular once mated up against a brand that cost twice as much. patch columnists symbol Brown, Elliott Harris, painter Roeder and satchel paige Wiser are not official drink tasters, the assigned board was split once asked to determine which wine was the more expensive.

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Ditka's Bloody Mike Mix Kick Ass, Thick & Spicy: Calories, Nutrition Analysis & More | Foodfacts.com

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Mike Ditka Pinot Grigio? - StarTribune.com

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