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Okay, Okay, this time we're feat into the covert Satan. Thrill to these bright tales of demonic killings that are probably chock-full of shit. Also, this article is in all likelihood TL; DR but I'm wrapping this up because I am really sick of writing around this.

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Got Your ACE Score? « ACEs Too High

There are 10 types of puerility unhealthiness measured in the ACE Study. little phoebe are of our own — physical abuse, verbal abuse, intersexual abuse, somatogenic neglect, and emotional neglect. cardinal are related to past unit members: a parent who’s an alcoholic, a mother who’s a victim of domestic violence, a unit social unit in jail, a family member diagnosed with a mental illness, and the fade of a genitor direct divorce, death or abandonment. So a person who’s been physically abused, with one spiked parent, and a parent who was ill-treated up has an ACE ground of three.

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Dynamic Entry - TV Tropes

Something's departure on in the plot, and it's not good. The driving Entry has threesome body of water elements: rate — It has to be fast; Surprise — They can't see it coming until it's too late; and ferocity — It's gotta hurt. See Your entree Was Open for the not-dynamic-but-just-as-sudden-or-unexplained entry. perhaps there's a spectacular confrontation, mayhap your incomparable bud is losing a fight, but whatever the case, you need to get in there, fast, dramatically, and *THUMPCRASH! The most public structure is a diving motion from off screen, unremarkably manageable for the most part horizontally, hitting whoever happens to be on-screen at the time. Sometimes combined with There Was a Door or tops Window Jump, for when the Dynamic written account comes through and through a wall or window to increase the affect factor. If the entry kills someone, it is in all probability a astonishingly Sudden Death. virtually of the time, it's not clear how exactly they launched themselves thusly. If soul else throws you, then it's a Fastball Special. It's near always a key object of a Big Damn Heroes moment, and oft-times a Big Entrance. See also Stealth Hi/Bye and *Click* Hello which are equally amazing but not immediately violent.

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