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Jane has got two books so she ____ see any of them. They didn't experience any cleansing agent so they ____ wash their hair. They won't ____ to movement a car until they are eighteen. 18._______________________ As the ship entered the harbor, we ____ see the Statue of Liberty.

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, , important , essential , suitable , doubtful , plausible , improbable , out , recommended , planned , required , demanded , ordered . , : - , to ask , , to economic process , to order , to posit ; He insists that the acquisition should be finished by the end of the workweek , . as if, as tho' , : Tom looked as if he were ill (had been ill for a agelong time) , ( ). - : It is essential that a force be applied to the physical structure , . : - that , so that, in arrangement that , , lest : I purpose put down his address lest I forget it , ; They bought dictionaries so that they mightiness use them for translation , ; - : She speaks english language so fortunate as if she had lived in England for many old age -, . , , should, would might, could: It would be useful to interpret this theme ; Without adding hotness the chemical reaction wouldn'tproceed . It is indispensable that , (be, take) (should be, would take): It is necessary that all be quiet , ; It is improbable that he should have left-hand so soon , .

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I'm sorry but we can't come to your occasion next Saturday. (it's contingent that I won't have period of time to run across you) exertion 2. Use can or can't one of these verbs: deed get wind see speak 1. Use can't or couldn't one of these verbs:eat have find go go 1.

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