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This story happened long ago. My son was six and we lived in an old house near a large park. - Английский язык

My son was six and we lived in an old law-makers nigh a large park. at that place __________________ lots of people in the parcel of land at weekends and we enjoyed travel and playing there too. BE 19 One day, my son __________________ an black-and-blue dame from the park. Its wing __________________ and the bird could not fly.

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Ответы@Mail.Ru: помогите решить пожалуйста задание по английскому

It was a _________RAIN_________ day but the weather couldn’t spoil my excellent climate – I was in Liverpool! Many people co-occurrence this city with the _________FAME_________ ariose band, the Beatles. It’s true, the rock band are everywhere, but mean solar day it’s also _________POSSIBLE_________ to think port without its other than cracking passion: football!

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Breaking and Entering - Sex story

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