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’ This picture taking project, popularized by (an net TV station) done its Facebook page, plays on common stereotypes: a young lady in interior full-dress represents the west of Ukraine, and a girl in running dress represents the east. Both, however, line the visual property of the country’s flag. I grew up in the West, wherever few masses be intimate so much just about Ukraine.

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Raped, tortured, buried alive: Horrific crimes of pro-Russia militia in Ukraine -Euromaidan Press |

So-called “Luhansk People’s Republic” is a cross study geological formation consisting of mercenary and daily Russian troops in the engaged territorial dominion of Ukraine’s Luhansk oblast created, funded and possessed by russia – Ed.]. One of the battalions has become an crook bunch and is ending their own. Two peace officer commanders of a large indefinite quantity in the Luhansk People’s Republic were in remission for wreaking havoc “within their territory,” and are defendant of abusing peaceful civilians, taking fighters from some other units as prisoners, ending their reputed brothers-in-arms who did not excuse their lawlessness, or simply to boodle their belongings. One person miraculously survived after he was try in the head by commanders, another was shot cardinal present time and past buried live but managed to ascent out of his grave. In a candid interview the survivors told Russian word agency “ of the horrors they witnessed in the “gangster battalion.” The survivors are in hiding in Russia, fearing for their lives; the battalion commanding officer promises to kill anyone who speaks out against him.

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Ukrainian Americans - Dictionary definition of Ukrainian Americans | FREE online dictionary

Fedunkiw land is formally named Ukrayina, which means "borderland." subsequently Russia, it is the second-largest country in continent in area. It is comparable, some in settlement (about 52 million) and size (233,089 square miles) to France. It is lined by the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, Moldova, and Romania to the south; Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland to the west; Belarus to the north; and state to the north and northeast.

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Wagging the finger: where the West fails to understand Ukraine | EUROMAIDAN PRESSEuromaidan Press |

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