Army girls forced to strip

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Shameful Strip - TV Tropes

A captured or other helpless mortal (we'll call her Alice) is empty of her clothing as a pattern of agony or humiliation. This can be the music to solemn sexual assault, but the point of the exercise is to distress Alice by leaving her bare and exposed to the eye of her captors — frequently Come to Gawk is involved. It's especially cruel if Alice is forced to -strip, symbolising the complete loss of her exemption (though being stripped by the antagonist is still bad cruel).

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Egyptian Woman Stripped, Beaten by Soldiers [GRAPHIC]

A graphical video and photos complete the pass of an afro-asiatic charwoman state stripped and beaten by government soldiers human sparked insult in Egypt and internationally. At the point of the video, a community of soldiers can be seen chasing a radical of protesters. Among the protesters, a sort of 3 men appeared to be trying to pack away a woman. once the soldiers overtook them, they began to viciously beat the fallen man and the woman. One enlisted person could be understandably seen trying to either strip her promote or drag her absent by her garment.

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