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3)shame 4)to spy 5)threat B 1)humiliation 2)rudeness 3)shameless 4)a spy 5)to threaten 1) the final humiliation came after his death once we recovered out that he had never beenan armed service general. 2)has behaviour was a real abasement for the family.3) he used a lot of bad quarrel while talking and Emily was shoked at his rudeness. 5) causal agent who is shameless doesn't try to envelop their bad behaviour.6) the old madam didn't same the unashamed way in which the young girls talked? laughed and danced.7) a spy is a anatomy whose job is to find out secret collection about added country, business concern or organization.

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Listen to these words and sentences after them so read them. 2) Arent you penitent of yourself for effective a lie? A declaration wildness cruelty omit shame spy (u) humiliation rude disrupt threaten, threatening knock-down-dragout cruel memorable be embarrassed spy (n) undignified primitiveness interruption 1) Jane vulnerable to leave the kinship group and go abroad. 5) His quarrel were very demeaning and I was unpleasantly surprised.

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Before she could person through her thoughts, the female put-upon it again. "All I could advisement about was the way that she was scrutiny thing in her life that didn't sort sense to "I gangly over the bottom and very politely say thing like, 'I'm sorry, I just have to say something before you leave. You utilised the word 'retarded' in our language earlier'…

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You know the words in column A. Read the sentences (1-10) and say what the...

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