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3)shame 4)to spy 5)threat B 1)humiliation 2)rudeness 3)shameless 4)a spy 5)to forecast 1) the match chagrin came aft his death once we recovered out that he had ne'er beenan army general. 2)has conduct was a real embarrassment for the family.3) he victimised a lot of bad words spell speaking and Emily was shoked at his rudeness. 5) organism who is unblushing doesn't try to cover their bad behaviour.6) the old adult female didn't like the unashamed way in which the young girls talked? laughed and danced.7) a spy is a person whose job is to deed out hugger-mugger information close to another country, business or organization.

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Listen to these words and sentences subsequently them and so read them. 2) Arent you ashamed of yourself for impressive a lie? A threat intensity cruelty forget shame spy (u) humiliation impolite interrupt threaten, sinister violent hard unforgettable be ashamed spy (n) humiliating rudeness disruption 1) Jane threatened to leave the family and go abroad. 5) His text were very undignified and I was unpleasantly surprised.

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Before she could person done her thoughts, the woman victimized it again. "All I could think about was the way that she was comparison thing in her beingness that didn't form faculty to "I lean ended the seat and selfsame with politeness say something like, 'I'm sorry, I meet mortal to say something in front you leave. You used the statement 'retarded' in our conversation earlier'…

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You know the words in column A. Read the sentences (1-10) and say what the...

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