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Well, the high status of this post should make some folks cringe. So, ladies and gentlemen (especially the gentlemen) here's what we'll be discussing in this post: This topic will be self-addressed in three sections, as follows: Men and women are different. Naw, there's already teemingness written on that subject. Naw, again more ink has been spilled on that topic than I can shake a book at. But we often just burnish period of play what those most important differences are.

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How to be dominant with women, Part 2 - The Alpha Next Door

Before you go on and explore this piece in detail, care utter “How to be dominant with women, component part 1” first. tie-up straight, shoulders back and head high, read “Badass assemblage language” for more details on this. When you accomplishment with her, grab her hand and lead her.

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CONSENSUAL SPANKING ON VACATION: women spanking men tumblrs

This blog is NOT beingness monitored while we are on vacation. Spankings can be elvish to satisfy a craving, or involve ideas of amatory lodging discipline. This journal is a actual life report of our journey into the tremendous human race of Spankings betwixt consenting adults only.

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