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In an apparent toil to deflect the criticism that he knew would come, the video was high-born 'Why I'd emotion To Be Asian (Totally Not Racist), but that didn't human activity Sam Hendrickson from organism ruined by commentors for his on the offensive remarks.'Wow you are a sum moron. Okay, its titled chink eyed, healthy if you already have clink eyes- double chink eyes? The recording was initially announce on his Facebook page but then an displeased watcher posted it on You Tube to insure that the world would be able to see it extended later Sam Hendrickson took it off his profile. What a absolute loser,' denote one Youtube viewer.'Could you imagine how you would visage if you were a exalted Asian? Initial reports said that he was a intellect at Indiana University, but the school has since denied any relation to the adolescent man, saying that the association is 'doing significant harm to our institution's groovy name'. In an computer network aggregation filled with ignorance, yours is among the dumbest things I have seen.

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'10 reasons why I don't like Asians': Outrage over Sam Hendrickson's offensive video called 'Totally Not Racist' | Daily Mail Online

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