Woman calls police strip searched

It started when the woman was pulled concluded for a routine traffic stoppage for a broken taillight. It over with her strip-searched on the face of a road, with a female officer equal searching her anal cavity in public. spell one of the worst examples of policeman misconduct in the Department of Justice’s written report on the urban centre constabulary Department, it’s far from the only one.

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LaSalle County settles lawsuit with woman stripped after arrest - Chicago Tribune

This video shows dana Holmes' arrest by the marseilles Police Department followed by her detention at the La Salle administrative division Sheriff's administrative body on May 18, 2013. It has been edited for duration and to move out images of nudity. This broadcasting shows Dana Holmes' arrest by the urban centre police force administrative district followed by her penalisation at the La Salle administrative division Sheriff's Office on May 18, 2013.

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Texas Cops Spent 11 Minutes Searching a Woman's Vagina, Found No Drugs - Hit & Run : Reason.com

Charnesia Corley was a 21-year-old college enrollee with no criminal record once two cops from the Harris County Sheriff's Office obstructed her in June 2015 for lengthways a red light. After searching her car, personnel claimed to have found .02 ounces of marijuana. That was enough, they apparently felt, to justify a full-body enclosed space search.

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Examples of serious officer misconduct from Department of Justice's report on Baltimore Police | Miami Herald

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