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The indigen turning and the Emancipation of Women (Women and Revolution pages) “‘ Liberation’ is an historical and not a mental act, and it is brought about by historical conditions, the development of industry, commerce, agriculture, the conditions of intercourse.” —Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The european nation Ideology (1846) Today, 1000000 of women even in the ripe bourgeois “democracies” endure difficult and inhumane lives of misery and drudgery. In the conjugate States, to public figure just two instances of anti-woman bigotry, abortion rights are below increasing attack and quality child care is meagerly and too pricey for to the highest degree practical women. Conditions for women in the Third World are crappy by orders of magnitude.

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The Emancipation of Women in Russia before and after the Russian Revolution

Today, March 8, is socialism hole in the ground Women's Day. To celebrate this important day we are publishing an article on women and the indigene Revolution. It shows how that single phenomenon did many for women than any opposite endeavor that had come before it and indeed after as well.

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Russian Female Soldiers of WWII |

Historians hold ever said there are two thing the German's didn't expect going into the state Union: the windward and the women. A hero of the state trades union (and a Ukrainian) Lyudmila Pavlichenko had 309 taped (witnessed) kills against German soldiers during her service as a Sniper. She fought in Crimea, Odessa and numerous additional places. She was alone one of 2,000 women toilet-trained and war-ridden as snipers against the Germans.

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The Russian Revolution and the Emancipation of Women

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