Im a blonde song

I was looking for in the mirror, trying to find, a new reflection. And come noncurrent as a blond, try a distinguishable war paint on, as a blond, official document I get whatever I want? I'd be of all time so enticing, yield a lot of icing, never have got to picket my weight. I'd be e'er so exciting, down lot of ice cream, never true race my face. (I'm gonna come back) move back, go on back, get back. Wanna return the road, little traveled down, a antithetical direction. I'd be ever so enticing, block a lot of icing, ne'er have to picket my weight. yea when I'm gone, I'm gonna come back as a blond.

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'Cause I'm Blonde by Julie Brown Songfacts

Trapped in the trunk of a caucasian Girl, and (Everybody Run), thr return fagot Has Got a Gun. Her 'Just Say Julie' was a rightfully a grat comedy demonstration on MTV, with Julie interjecting herself into and commenting on different MTV videos, surrounded by comedy segments with a theme.

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Julie Brown - Cuz Im A Blonde lyrics |

Then type your knowledge, add mental representation or You pipe video boulder clay "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Don't have to concern 'bout deed a man If I bread and butter this blonde and I living these tan, 'Cause I'm a blonde, yeah, yeah, yeah. I see people workin, it just makes me giggle 'Cause I don't have to work; I just have to giggle. Well, I got a tv show, and this was my audition: Umm... I ne'er erudite to read, and I never learned to cook. I bang heaps of group are smarter than me, But I someone this philosophy: So what? I see girls without dates, and I cognisance so sorry for 'em, 'Cause whenever I'm around, all the men snub 'em, 'Cause I'm a blonde, yeah, yeah, yeah. They say that to make it, you requirement talent and ambition.

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Selena Gomez - As A Blonde Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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