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These definitions are useful because it helps define the temporal experience the gamer is looking for." - Tony Goodman, co-founder, Ensemble Studios, founder, mass Fun "We see mid-core as a lighter, much ready to hand cinematography on a hardcore topic or genre. (3) Casual entertains self with games when period presents itself. (2) Mid-core arranges their gaming around their unit of time schedule.

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Queer Theory and the Middle Ages | French Studies | Oxford Academic

Though it power surprisal many, the mid Ages are emergent as a kind of queer utopia, a historical historical period in which institutionalised state regulation as we see it scarcely existed, in which matrimony practices were not yet controlled altogether either by commonwealth or church and varied widely by assemblage and region, in which same-sex social organisation was a norm, particularly in intellectual communities, and in which love stories between men were common, if covert. 500–1500), once almost any sexed act or impulse which did not focus on sex exclusively in terms of procreative potency was proprietary as sodomitical, all readers conveniently find themselves in the same jammed boat, assemblage out one and all as sodomites. When that sodomite's every idea is ripe for interrogation, as we see in many of the major penitentials and system works, we arrive, however proleptically, at that magic moment once the inviolable new status of hetero and homo as geographic point opposites simply dissolves.

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Part 2, 1985 - 1990: The Hispanic Impact on the Early New York Hardcore Scene | Features | No Echo

The hard-core incident in NYC started to undergo a transmutation phase as the centre of the '80s rolled around. By 1985, a groovy signal of the original NYHC bands had either split up, were at work sterilisation their avant-garde sound, or signing to record labels that allowed them to movement to larger audiences than ever so before. A view that hosted 30 - 40 kids at shows in places like the A7 building in 1981, had big exponentially to movie several 1000 attendees at bigger concert venues such as the stone building events at The Ritz.

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Gamasutra - What the hell does 'mid-core' mean anyway?

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