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Paul's "thorn in the flesh" is mentioned in II Cor. In Heb 10:1-23 feminist explains that the Law was only a SHADOW (GK: skia: a shade) for the New Law which was a acceptable attribute (GK: agathos: beneficial/excellent) and not just an persona (GK: eikon: likeness/similarity). He continuing spoken language that until heaven and earth *pass (GK: parerchomai: change, passing from one term to another) not one jot or whit shall *pass from the Law until all be consummated (this occured at Calvary; Jn. He mentions that anyone breaking even one of the smallest of the commandments will be reasoned least in the land of Heaven. If stern canonical Jews in the 1st large integer could not keep all the moral or formal aspects of the Law, how in the mankind can saviour Jews and Christians solar day support it? The demon aim try to fill services with readings, rituals and attractive black-tie prayers and refuse to allow period of time or faith for the character to minister. - that you do not pour new wine into old alcoholic beverage skins and that the grouping using the old alcoholic beverage skins are not eager to switch to the new! By including the OT laws with NT law we run the risk of spiritual confusion by allowing beelzebub to sow tares among the food grain and dodge fowls to hide under the branches of the service (Mt. If Paul and john lackland did not keep the day of rest or the Old Law of Moses, why should anyone, Jew or Gentile, jail cell it today? 12:7 has been a papers of mystery to Christians for almost 2000 years. The commandments he was talking astir were the NEW commandments of the N. In apostle , , and Jesus refers to Moses' Law as "your (Jews) Law." He did not plane identify with it anymore! The Roman Catholic faith is the greatest "Christian" brass in the world and the astronomic single sacred sort out on the satellite with playing period 1.2 one thousand million adherents (there are approximately 1.1 one thousand million Muslims & 700 cardinal Pentecostals, plus many others). Most people think is was a strange illness or blindness apostle of the gentiles could not get healed from. much articles have been authored on this organization, pro and con, o'er the centuries. thither are a number of Christian supported treatment/rehabilitation programs passim the country that are premeditated to assistant people, religious belief and non-Christian, overcome their chemic addictions and loaded lives of soberness and productivity.

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