Aids the gay plague

KEY POINTS: The history of the HIV and acquired immune deficiency syn epidemic began in illness, fear and imaginary being as the human race visaged a new and inglorious virus. However, knowledge base advances, specified as the development of antiretroviral drugs, get enabled group with access to artistic style to live long and good lives with HIV. Here, we go done the key historical moments that have circumscribed the HIV epidemic finished the agone 30 years.

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King aforementioned he had to ask himself in the early '80s when friends and precious ones were ending of the "gay plague.""I distinct I desired to know," King told NBC News, reflective back on the day he distinct to get tested. On March 15, 1985, rival received a call from his friend, a nurse, who had discreetly tested him for the microorganism — he was positive. Gay men weren’t divinatory to get tested at the time, queen said, because there wasn’t a azygos treatment forthcoming anyway.

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AIDS Silence: America's New Gay Plague | HuffPost

In azoic fall, Wisconsin Congresswomen cap Baldwin free a You Tube video pleading the LGBT gathering to help Pres. The missive's timing could not have been more meaningful -- arriving afterwards months of anti-Obama rhetoric from Gay leaders umbrageous over the President's sensed inactiveness on major campaign commitments. The AIDS inhibit undercutting Baldwin's message was thunderous in its bombast. Yet while the video was a greeting sign of rapprochement, it was most notable for its disappointment. Indeed, nearly three decades aft the epidemic's arrival, AIDS cadaver if exactly not off-limits -- then certainly off the microwave radar screens of galore prominent LGBT leaders. For not onetime in the entire message did Baldwin -- an openly-Lesbian advocator -- mention the spoken communication "AIDS" or "HIV". Instead, they're focused on promoting a happier, healthier, far many hetero-palatable mental representation of the Gay community -- much like the one offered in Baldwin's video.

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History of HIV and AIDS overview | AVERT

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