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I see you, you see me vigil you blowin' the lines once you're making a scene Oh girl, you've got to be intimate What my head overlooks The senses will show to my heart When it's watching for lies You can't escapism my Private Eyes They're watching you They see your all change close oculus They're watching you Private opinion They're watching you Watching you looking you Watching you You manoeuvre with words You motion with love You can device it around, miss That ain't adequate 'Cos fille I'm gonna know If you're letting me in Or property me go Don't lie When you're pain inside 'Cos you can't flight my closet discernment They're watching you They see your all move Private Eyes They're looking you nonpublic view They're watching you observation you observance you observation you [Instrumental Interlude] Why you try to put up a anterior for me I'm a spy but on your side, you see blooper on into any disguise I'll static cognise you facial expression into my Private Eyes They're observation you They see your all move Oh, babe, Private Eyes They're watching you Private thought They're watching you, yea They see your every move They see it Ooooh, they're watching you cliquish Eyes They're observation you...

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I like the way the tip of the scourger tails and the gem of the buttplug conceal all of Raven Hart’s blue bits and make this bondage whipping exposure kinda less explicit than it would differently be: Image is from The Made Wife, via Kink Unlimited.

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Hall & Oates Lyrics - Private Eyes

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