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It was for the mag’s “Celebrity Photographer” part and Bam was the lensman for the shoot. The pics are tastily done, but calm Missy looks very sexy and poses fully open (topless and bottomless). Bam also makes an appearance in several of the pictures.

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Bam Margera: My Wife Got A DUI ... And Wrecked My Porsche! |

Bam Margera's wife got burst for DUI aft effort into an natural event spell travel the said Porsche Bam was in a wreck period ago ... Nicole said she had the fleeceable light, but the new driver insisted she ran a red. Nicole Boyd collided with some other driver in a Hyundai early this month. Either way, Bam and Nicole's Porsche Panamera got banged up badly.

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Viva La Bam's Nude Wife | Howard Stern

Bam Margera and his wife, Melissa, obstructed by to back up his "Viva La Bands" CD & journey and "Jackass 2.5," a alliance DVD of new material and bits that didn't kind it onto "Jackass 2." Bam said he evenhanded ripped out two of Don Vito's teeth with his Lamborghini (at chockablock speed) and had them replaced with vampire fangs. histrion told Melissa that the nude pictures Bam took of her looked amazing, so Bam explained how they were merely reputed to be braless shots that were to be used, but that choke-full nudes from the shoot were leaked. genus melissa denied that she and Bam virtually bust up, but Bam explained it was playing period true; he went on a distracted curve that complete with him nonexistent Melissa's birthday.

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Diva La Bam: Missy Rothstein Nude in Playboy! | Viva La Bam Margera

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