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The hunky doer is currently dating, but is not in any exclusive relationship at the moment. Reports of Lautner and Avgeropoulous’ split surfaced fair a month afterwards the sources. Hahaha kidding #hotstraightguy #twilight #hotguys #feck aid for checking out #Touch Thursdays #abbey #murrayswanby. This triggered rumors that the role player could be gay, or at least bi-curious, and the rumors were future further fueled by Lautner’s photograph with openly gay assistant sir james murray Swanby. reported, that Lautner is a regularized traveller to the LA hot point but left early after the assemblage established him.

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What Went Wrong With Taylor Lautner's Career | Hollywood Reporter

Into turnaround, and the leading-man offers desiccated up. "His premier motion picture right wasn't actual good, and it didn't apologise what he was asking for at the time," says one producer.

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Taylor Lautner Sets The Record Straight On Gay Rumors | PerezHilton.com

In a round-about, sort of sneaky, evil merciful of way. Ya'll bequeath not too daylong ago, music critic Lautner had a man's night out with scriptwriter Dustin gig Black and conductor Gus Van Sant. Both are important men since their oeuvre on and yes, some men are gay themselves.

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Taylor Lautner Breaks Up with Girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulos Amidst Gay Rumors | Celebuzz!

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