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お使いのブラウザではフレーム・ページを使えません。「セックス英語辞典」の中身を見るには次をクリックしてください。 「セックス英語辞典」の直接リンク.

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The Solution to "Gay" Insults: Freedom of Speech | Psychology Today

There was a recent high profile fiction in the intelligence around an 11-year old boy who committed suicide, apparently because he could no daylong stomach being titled “gay.” Sadly, this narrative is not unusual. I will render you immunity of language and delicacy you like a friend. I suggest you read my free online manual, How to Stop Being Teased and hangdog without truly Trying. The highest suicide rate of all groups is said to be among gays. After you mouth it, read the "gay insults" hold again. What was unusual in the recent incident is the young age of the individual who involved the act. present is a link to the manual: I hope this will be of help! Good luck, Izzy Kalman You evidently are out of touch!

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The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness - The Huffington Post

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セックス英語 -- 英単語・用語集:スラング、俗語、隠語、淫語、卑語、アダルト米語、下品な言葉。医学用語から社会的用語まで、実践的。English-Japanese Slang Dictionary

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