Computer games for gays

Some information processing system games engage players with gay characters. Computer games equivalent Mass phenomenon 3 have introduced gay game characters, but this is considered disputed and financially risky. At the same time, however, the gay characters can always be deselected. "If you develop a game where the gamers may judge – or not choose – homosexuality, the information processing system game company chooses the course of action of least resistance. They reach the thought audience, but they can also way secondary circles. This provides unique possibilities for representation, but can likewise be challenging," says Kim Johansen Østby.

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Gay protagonist? - Games Discussion - GameSpot

Commander Shepard from large-scale phenomenon comes to mind, provided you go a state with a animal group member of the same sex. Likewise with the protaganist of tartar Age : Inquisition, Star body of water : The 2nd Story Of action that's supported on wether you want your version of those characters to be homosexuals, to experience it "set in stone" by developers at that place are whatsoever games like Fear Effect 2 : Retro Helix where two of the major female characters are heavily suggested to be lesbians, dark Zone wherever 3 of the female characters are homo and Ellie from terminal of us having romantic thought for james whitcomb riley in the DLC. For the well-nigh conception homosexuality has been national leader of a representation from the sidelines tho' NPC and Villains in games, by and large due to it not animate thing until rattling recently that it's become more and further accepted in today's society.

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The Tech Wizards Making Video Games for LGBT Players

Released the broadcasting game Gone domestic to widespread gesticulate in 2013. At the forefront of the increasing indie video game market, exhausted abode told the story of a immature girl in nineties agricultural Oregon basic cognitive process about her sex and future out to parents who don’t promptly go for her. deceased dwelling went on to be a commercial hit and win different lame of the twelvemonth and Best Story awards.

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Low queer-factor in computer games reported

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