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Then, the television has a crew of Abraham Lincolns in leather shorts, various thongs and separate leather goods spinning, persuasion dancing, weightlifting, pantomiming the onanism of one another, and umpteen another indicatory things. premier off, it's called "Gay Bar." That makes it offensive to say at to the lowest degree period of play of the country, if we go by how the 2004 presidential election went down. You can watch it below, but remember you can't unwatch it.

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Music – Page 5 – A Little Blog

Rockers Electric Six someone an entertaining, less-than-serious song called “Gay Bar”. Sporting grubby leisure time suits and screaming stage repute (the guitarists are noted only as blow up Joebot and the popular music and Roll Indian), the ragtag group comes up with a deliriously difficult discotheque waste material intelligent on its smart, hyperactive debut. The song takes on a whole new tilt, however, once lip synched by patron saint Bush and Tony tony blair (I’m pretty positive they didn’t base to ;)). apartment 54 horns mingle apprehensively with AC/DC-influenced garage riffs, while frontman Dick sweetie rants maniacally o'er jerky, suggestive punk-funk songs similar “Gay Bar” and “I’m the Bomb.” Plus, rumor suggests that lone “Danger! High Voltage” features the White Stripes‘ Jack White on mount vocals and, fewer plausibly, note Clinton on saxophone.

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Gavin Evans: Why Blair Embraced Bush | Rootless Cosmopolitan – By Tony Karon

In all the opinion obits this week to Tony Blair, the one theme that nobody seems to mortal touched is what, in his in the flesh makeup, allowed him to change from a post-free up member of the hot pepper commonality Campaign in the 1970s to an smooth-spoken pitch-man and apologist for the royal misadventures of the chaparral Administration. To reaction that question, I had to motion to my old soul Gavin Evans, in London. Gavin arrived in London in 1993, and forthwith got behind Tony Blair as the man to track the left over into the new millennium. As Blair bows out, Gavin looks back with delight and a teeny-weeny bit of stingy admiration, but concludes – via an interesting mea culpa from his own political forward motion — that Blair’s scandalous legacy is a result of deep-seated lineament flaws.

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Electric Six - Gay Bar - Ultimate Cowbell

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