Pope benedict gay rights

Recently, fundamental speech-maker stated that, if spiritual leader Francis were to sanction a point on marriage and gender that were contrary to the cognitive content of the Church, that he would be duty-bound to “resist” the pontiff. Although the central clarified that he was speaking of a strictly hypothetic situation, he hit upon a nerve that gets stricken from time to time among Catholics—in heartbeat messages, in passing, on Facebook, tho' almost ne'er in print—“What if? ” What if Cardinal Kasper’s theorisation takes over the upcoming Ordinary Synod on Marriage and the Family?

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Pope Francis: Media Gets It Wrong on Evolution and Creationism | Time

It is official: the media has destroyed bananas in its reporting of roman catholic pope Francis. The OMG-Pope-Francis-Supports-Evolution story of the past two days is rightful the latest example. nearly all news outlet, major and minor, has plastered catholic pope Francis’ reputation across the interwebs and announced he has lastly planted the Catholic Church in the evolution gathering of the creation-evolution debate. Almost every outlet has got the structure wrong, proving erstwhile again that the thought media has nearly no sympathy of the Church. roman catholic pope Francis’ real role in this evolution katzenjammer was small.

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Where Pope Francis stands on 10 major issues

The catholicity christianity Church official document grant priests the starboard to forgive the sin of abortion during the sanctified period of mercy beginning this December. It's not pellucid what the church's contract aim be afterward the year is over. Pope Francis' letter Tuesday addressing failure is retributory the latest major cognitive content the roman catholic pope has confiscate on in the more than two long time he has led the christianity Church.

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Can a Pope Be a Heretic? - Crisis Magazine

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