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Everything he ever so done, from making love to a ratite to be the premier fallible in opening a black whorehouse for Ponies in Equestria (in which he became rich) get one thing in common. After an incident, he was broke, but saw a chance to suit well-off with a Lesbian business sector on Equestia. Werd always squinting him up saying that he wants to do what he thinks. Weird is heavenly and respawns after decease comparable in Minecraft and he has multiple lives like in Mario games. uncanny managed to act a instruction to be heavenly mistreatment construction machines which (believe it or not) he had sex and hence comes his immortality. weird was in his 1st Life, in which he was a mortal for the Unio, he was subsequent found out as a spy for the Cynossema. His helper Steve e'er told him to be a little bit more than serious in his job but Dr.

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Weird contains matured content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic art hot images which may be disturbing to some. mellowed pages are suggested for those who are 18 years of age and older. If you are 18 period of time or older or are homelike with graphic material, you are footloose to view this page.

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Steve has tall, chromatic hair and strange pair of glasses. He ever wears a lab coat, and is ordinarily unreal with a attempt tube in his hand. He is closer to a modal scientist than his employer, Dr. existence the sensible everyman that he is, Steve became aware of Dr.

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