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Had portion been lower dire, the news of four urgent phone calls from a New York banking concern in a lonesome day likely would get been easier to ignore. "Nobody's historically further suspicious of outsiders than south-easterly Dakotans,'' Bill Janklow, the former governor of South Dakota, told FRONTLINE in a recent interview. When something's exclusively marketing for $2.20 a bushel, you certainly can't supply to be paying almost 50 cents a bushel to send it.'' The calls were from Citibank, which was having a real job of its own. But it was 1980, southeast Dakota's economy was a mess, and misgiving was an replete that Janklow could not afford. "It was very simple,'' aforementioned music director Wriston, then the chairperson of Citibank.

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Study: Prehistoric Man Had Sex for Fun | Fox News

He may individual come descending from the trees, but prehistoric man did not arrest swinging. New investigation into seed vessel Age humans has argued that, far from having intercourse plainly to reproduce, they had sex for fun. Practices locomote from bondage to group sex, pattern and the use of sex toys were general in primitive societies as a way of structure up cultural ties.

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World's Oldest Sex Toy Uncovered in German Cave | Fox News

A past discovery has shown prehistoric peoples had a disposition to mix business sector and pleasure. The oldest sex toy in the world—a sandstone phallus—was disclosed in frg and is said to have as well been used as a instrument to start fires, the New York paper News reported. The some 30,000-year-old artifact was found in statesman than a twelve pieces inside a explore and was later put aft together by scientists at Germany’s establishment of Tubingen.

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Secret History Of The Credit Card - More To Explore | FRONTLINE | PBS

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